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Blair House
By Dalry. Ayrshire, KA24 4ER.

With the sounds and sights of the past 900 years filling the Scottish air, you enter the original seat of the Blair family around the world. Friends of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, and once home to King John I's daughter, this ancient castle offers you the unique chance to travel through the generations of Scottish history. Reputed to be the oldest continually inhabited mansion house in Scotland, which having been constantly updated throughout the centuries, maintains a beautiful balance between the need for modernity whilst retaining historic integrity.

Situated between Glasgow (20 miles) and Prestwick (17 miles), in the heartland of Western Scotland's golfing mecca, the doors to this family mansion are being thrown open for the first time. Whether to plan the future strategies of your business in a five star location, as our staff care for all your needs, or to renew the spirit and replenish the soul in the comfort of a family home. The house and gardens offer, through their unique location, the perfect opportunity to taste the very essence of Scotland.

It is the defining aspect of this house that it can sleep as many as thirty in luxury without feeling crowded or as few as eight without feeling empty.

The interior of the house offers maximum flexibility without altering the atmosphere.

There are 10 double bedrooms each with it's own bathroom facilities. There are also three single rooms of unique character.




Blair House


Blair House


Blair House


Blair House





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