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Surprising Scotland Ltd specialises in tailor-made holidays in Scotland for guests wanting best quality and personal service. Our services are offered to anyone looking for a quality stay in Scotland; however, thanks to the specialised expertise of our staff, we offer in particular the perfect holidays for guests from Russia and from the Gulf States.

It has been our privilege to introduce this our country to tourists from different parts of the world for the past ten years. Every client is treated as an individual and every individual is treated as a most welcome guest.

So why Scotland - and why Surprising? Well our visitors are always amazed that so many contrasting features can be found in a relatively small country. The famous Highland scenery has been the favoured destination of Scots and foreigners for centuries. It is here that the Kings and Queens of United Kingdom would entertain their most distinguished visitors from England and Europe. Majestic mountains, wonderful scenic lochs (lakes) mix with the unparalleled Scottish hospitality to make Scotland the ideal holiday.

Now, in the 21st century, the grandeur of the mountains remains, the hospitality is just as welcoming. In addition, Scotland has world class accommodation, easy access by road, rail - combined with great new tourist attractions to make Scotland a first choice family destination.

The surprise factor is that - only a short drive from the beautiful scenery are two of the world's most vibrant cities. The twin - capitals of Edinburgh and Glasgow are not only historic and architectural masterpieces - they are renowned shopping centres, great for nightlife and have museums, cafes, bars and restaurants to match any of the world's metropolitan icons.

So welcome to our Surprising Scotland. Experience the contrast of great cities with the lakes and mountains and small seaside towns of unique character. Throughout you will hear the greeting in the ancient Scottish language - Ceud Mille Failte! - One Hundred Thousand Welcomes!


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This is an amazing country. We have never experienced such friendliness. If you could bottle the essence of the Scottish people you could sell the product worldwide.

In a few days I saw more, learned more and made more friends than in a lifetime elsewhere

The perfect antidote to our hectic lifestyle back home

I call Surprising Scotland the Sheikhs of Scotland. In our culture the Sheikh is responsible for his tribe's visitors from the moment they arrive until the moment they depart. This is exactly the service we received from on our short visit to Scotland. We shall certainly be back!

We were enjoying ourselves so much on the island we missed our flight back to the mainland. We stayed in a small three star hotel on the island of Islay. We have become used to five star hotels but we have never had such an enjoyable experience as that night in Islay. The friendliest and most hospitable people in the world!


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